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A solid stand of grass doesn’t just beautify the project its also a requirement to maintain compliance and to close the project. At Moses Grass Company we don’t just plant grass, we grow grass. Contact us now for a consultation and quote.

Erosion Control

Projects that disturb the land speed up the natural process of erosion. Erosion may impair the ecosystem and environment, raise the expense of water purification and upkeep, and make the area vulnerable to dangerous weeds. By implementing effective erosion control, this threat is lessened greatly.


A surface can be seeded effectively, beautifully, and affordably with hydroseeding, which involves mixing a “slurry” (a mixture of seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil additives, and water) in a Hydroseeder tank and applying that mixture under high pressure to the target surface. 

Silt Fence

To make sure that our customers are in compliance, Moses Grass Company installs silt fencing. A silt fence is a temporary sediment management tool used on construction sites to guard against sediment (loose dirt) in stormwater runoff that could harm the water quality of neighboring streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Wetland Mitigation & Planting

We provide the plants and services required for restoring or enhancing wetlands and the herbaceous upland ground cover surrounding them in order to lessen the negative effects that developers have on wetland areas.

Sod Installation

When you want a solid stand of grass without the wait, sod is your best choice. Sod will provide you with that beautiful look and site stabilization immediately. 

Fabriform® Installation

To further prevent soil erosion, we use Fabriform®, a cost-effective concrete forming method. At the project site, the Fabriform® is field-stitched, placed on a prepared grade, and pumped with a highly fluid concrete mixture. The fabric is made to hold onto the concrete mix’s solids, making it possible to install it both wet and dry. Erosion control using Fabriform® is easy and affordable.

Fill & Embankment Stabilization Fabric

High tensile strength at low elongations are characteristics of these ground stabilization geotextiles. They enhance the performance of both paved and unpaved surfaces and lower maintenance expenses. They are utilized for stability and separation applications, such as under building pads and foundations, parking lots, roadways, and job site entrances.

Grid Installs

Grids are another solution for superior erosion protection and control. They are an affordable long-term solution that fortifies the earth to stop erosion, soil migration, and destructive shifting forces brought on by water and wind that consist of a thick blanket of 3-D linked cells.

Pavement Reinforcement Fabric Installation

Pavement reinforcing fabric will increase the performance and longevity of Pavement overlays providing more value for your dollar when paving.